Una Voce Dicentes
Although the schola has been on break for the past three months, this summer has been anything but quiet for St. John XXIII Parish. Four exciting printing projects have been underway for some time, the first coming to fruition this month. John was an editor on a project to compile and print a compendium of Gregorian chant instruction and music, which will serve as a “textbook” for the Youth and Adult choirs as they pursue a greater understanding and technique in chant.

The book is entitled Una Voce Dicentes, and includes an introduction to chant notation, a full Kyriale with all 16 Mass settings, and a solid foundation of chant repertoire. Touching on the entire liturgical season, the repertoire includes chants for the Blessed Sacrament, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Passiontide, Easter, and Pentecost. All 5 sequences are included, the most well-known being Victimæ Paschali, Stabat Mater, and Dies Iræ; as well as the entire Requiem Mass for the Dead. The title is a direct reference from the last line of the Preface of the Holy Trinity, which leads into the beautiful Sanctus chant from the Mass Ordinary. While the liturgical context of the words “Una Voce Dicentes” illustrates a unified voice singing glory to God, the practical context also prescribes the refined and disciplined blend of voices demanded by the chant, in order to achieve its fullest musical and spiritual potential.

As the other current printing projects near completion, plans for online distribution and sales will be underway. Please stay tuned to John’s News page to hear more!

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