Collaborators and Friends

Official Film Website
Grandpa and Shorty


Film and Multimedia Production
White Ball Productions


Film and Multimedia Production
Dax Parise – Untitled

Marcus Morelli – Skene 19 Films


Neal Rosenblat


Sarah Chillson

Animation/Motion Design
Scott Balles

Paul Luc

Music and Sound Recording
Dave Hidek – Treelady Studios

Event/Concert Music
Christina Crivelli – Three Rivers String Quartet

Catholic Talkshow
Daniel and Steven Alspach – The Catholic Brothers

Sacred Music/Free-Use Compositions
Christoph Dalitz





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Truby Writers Studio – John Truby

Save the Cat! – Blake Snyder

John August

Go Into The Story – Scott Myers

Classical Music
The Big List of Classical Music Blogs





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Other Links


– Film –

WeScreenplay – Professional Script Coverage and Feedback

PaFIA – Pennsylvania Film Industry Association

Pittsburgh Film Office

Steeltown Entertainment Project

Nancy Mosser Casting





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– General Art/Business –

ASCAP – American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers

Creativelive – Online Tutorials and Classes for Artists

AlphaLab – Pittsburgh Business Start-Up

Ted Talks – Industry Professional Conferences Online





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– Sacred Music –

Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish – Institute of Christ the King

St. Gregory Institute of Sacred Music

Church Music Association of America

Corpus Christi Watershed





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