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As an artist, it can be difficult to maintain that balance of “surviving” and “living.” Art is one of the most appreciated phenomena in America, yet the least supported. The familiar phrase is “everyone loves art, but no one wants to pay for it.” It’s no secret that the road to happiness in this business is a difficult one. But I believe the best way to travel it is with friends that will push you forward. To all of you musicians, photographers, multimedia engineers, designers, filmmakers, writers, and artists of every trade, I invite you to get in touch with me. If you’d like to be a part of my network, I’ll be happy to plug your site or samples of your work. The more friends we have in this business, the more opportunities we’ll have to perform our craft—and the better artists we’ll be!


Please take a moment to visit my Links page and see for yourself. I hope you’ll consider joining and/or supporting our network, and passing the word along to the community at large.

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