GLFF Selection 2016
White Ball Productions’ short film “Monday” was selected to appear in the 2016 Great Lakes International Film Festival (GLIFF) this month!

Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, GLIFF has showcased nearly 1,000 films over the past 10 years, including several films that have been aired on HBO, PBS, and the Sundance channel. They have also hosted producers and writers from shows and movies such as “NYPD Blue,” “Alias,” “The Twilight Zone,” “Saw,” and “The Still Life.” The festival prides itself as a venue where veteran filmmakers can find quality, competitive film work, and where aspiring filmmakers can get their films noticed.

White Ball Productions is honored to have participated, and will continue to invest in further opportunities for screening their films. A special thanks to Steven Opsanic, Executive Director and CEO of GLIFF, for his support and collaboration throughout the festival!

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