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In the News

  • Casting Call for “Grandpa and Shorty”

    White Ball Productions is now casting the four lead roles in their new short film, "Grandpa and Shorty." Video auditions and crew résumés are welcome!
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  • New Parish, New Home

    The Traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese of Pittsburgh has a new home, and an official status as a new, full parish: "Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish" was established on July 1st at St. Francis Xavier Church (formerly Risen Lord Parish). More details and pictures in the full article...
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  • An Ancient Holy Week

    This year, St. John XXIII Parish was privileged to celebrate the "pre-1955" liturgies of Holy Week according to the 1570 Roman Missal. These ancient liturgies are centuries old; yet even to this day, they foster wonder and reverence for young and old Catholics alike. More info and pictures in the…
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  • Animatic for “Grandpa and Shorty”

    After constructing over 1,100 storyboards, White Ball Productions has completed a mock-up for their newest short film, "Grandpa and Shorty." See the full post to learn more about the process and hear a sample of the test soundtrack!
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