Bachelor’s Degree, Music Technology: Composition – Duquesne University


Work Experience

Co-Founder and Owner – White Ball Productions

  • Initiated Limited Liability Company for multimedia production
  • Assistant producer/director for short films, music videos, documentaries, and feature films
  • Lead composer and conductor for all original music
  • Director of music for all recording sessions
  • Script-writer and creative consultant
  • Oversee company marketing, promotion, and networking
  • Manage company finances, business plan, and tax affairs


Director of Music – Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish – Traditional Latin Mass
(formerly St. John XXIII Quasi-Parish)


  • Audition and train choir members in Latin language, vocal/musical technique, Gregorian chant
  • Direct weekly rehearsals
  • Hire, compensate, discipline, and dismiss paid choral and instrumental performers
  • Perform on the church organ for Sunday/feast day/wedding services
  • Conduct ensemble for polyphonic motets, hymns, liturgical responses, and Gregorian chant
  • Perform complete Gregorian chant Propers every Sunday
  • Produce and direct schola audio recordings; 2 full length albums complete
  • Oversee physical and digital distribution of schola albums; over 600 units, nearly 3,000 digital streams sold
  • Liaison with Pastor to coordinate liturgical accuracy, appropriateness, and flow
  • Select, maintain, and archive choir repertoire; 300 selections of hymns, chants, motets, polyphonic Masses
  • Certified parish employee through Virtus; completed Protecting God’s Children workshop (all clearances fulfilled and on file)


Team Manager – The Bank of New York Mellon, Client Activation – Pittsburgh, PA


Freelance Piano/Vocal Performer and Composer

  • Privately contracted for weddings, funerals, Masses (Contemporary, Classical, or Gregorian chant/polyphony), jazz gigs, rock shows, Karaoke-style parties, cocktail hours, recording studio sessions
  • Privately contracted for concert, sacred, or film composition/arrangement
  • Primary instruments: Piano, Voice
  • Secondary instruments: Guitar, Percussion
  • Proficiency in sight-reading and aural comprehension
  • Expertise in Finale music notation software and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Member of ASCAP


Private Piano Instructor

  • Instruct over 15 students in piano performance, music theory, music history
  • Select student repertoire
  • Coordinate student recitals


Writer, Producer, and Film Score Composer: “Grandpa and Shorty” – White Ball Productions, short film – Pittsburgh, PA

  • Wrote film screenplay
  • Assistant Producer for all stages of film production
  • Managed film finances and budget
  • Coordinated with team for music and video licensing
  • Composed string quartet, flute, horn, and piano parts for 13 musical cues
  • Hired and rehearsed 7 studio musicians
  • Managed 2 student interns for orchestration and recording/mixing engineering
  • Directed audio recording in collaboration with Duquesne University audio department
  • Performed all piano parts for recording


Senior Analyst – The Bank of New York Mellon – Pittsburgh, PA


Pianist for Indie Rock band “Paul Luc

  • Pianist, organist, vocalist, composer, arranger for band
  • Performed on 9 tracks on Paul Luc’s 2007 release “The Shelly Street Anthems”. Wrote violin/cello arrangements for 2 songs.
  • Performed on all tracks on Paul Luc’s 2010 release “A Revival, A Roadsong, A Rearview Mirror”. Wrote violin/cello arrangements for 2 songs.
  • Cowriter and consultant for Paul Luc music video “Today and Last Night”. Coordinated with producer and director of photography.
  • 6 Paul Luc songs featured in Ford Motor Company’s online initiative called “The People’s Fleet
  • Support for National Acts: Zee Avi, Elizabeth & the Catapult, Bombay Bicycle Club, David Bazan, The Spring Standards, Vandaveer
  • Regional touring in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Knoxville, Ann Arbor, Traverse City, Chicago
  • Live radio performances on Pittsburgh’s 102.5 WDVE
  • Airplay and live performance on Pittsburgh’s 91.3 WYEP
  • Live television performance on KDKA Pittsburgh (CBS Local)


Compensated Performer – Holy Wisdom Latin Mass Community of St. Thérèse of Lisieux

  • Tenor for Latin Mass choir
  • Coached musicians on vocal performance and music theory
  • Led sectional rehearsals
  • Proficient in Gregorian chant


Film Score Composer: “Dawn State” – New Perspective Studio, short film – Pittsburgh, PA

  • Wrote violin, cello, and piano parts for 6 musical cues
  • Hired and rehearsed studio musicians
  • Directed audio recording in collaboration with Duquesne University audio department
  • Performed all piano parts for recording


Administrative Assistant – The Bank of New York Mellon – Pittsburgh, PA


Music Instructor – Seton Center – Pittsburgh, PA

  • Taught Pre-K music classes for 3-5 year olds
  • Formulated curriculum which included learning basic rhythms, melody, instrument recognition, and performance
  • Arranged music, instructed children, and provided piano accompaniment for Christmas program


Assistant Manager – Sheetz, Inc. – Pittsburgh, PA


Apprentice Musician – Sing-Sing Dueling Piano Bar – Pittsburgh, PA

  • Auditioned and hired as piano performer-in-training
  • Responsible for learning 5-10 songs (music and lyrics) every week
  • Guest performer every Wednesday night


Music Director – Greensburg Central Catholic High School, “Oklahoma!”

  • Managed auditioning, rehearsing, vocal/instrumental training of ensemble and orchestra
  • Instructed ensemble on vocal performance and visual arts
  • Conductor for pit orchestra


Video Game Composer: “The Diamond Quest”

  • Wrote 10 musical themes to accompany role-playing video game prototype
  • Transcribed all themes for full orchestra


Honorary Performances

Chant Director – Fauré Requiem – Most Precious Blood Parish, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Partnered with Nicholas J. Will and the St. Gregory Institute of Sacred Music for a liturgical performance of Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem in Dm, Op. 48
  • Conducted chant Propers of the Mass of the Dead for the scholas of Most Precious Blood Parish and the St. Gregory Institute
  • Broadcast regionally on WAOB 106.7 FM


Guest performances of original work “Ave Maria”


Music Director – Saint Paul Cathedral – Pittsburgh, PA

  • Selected repertoire for Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite
  • Conducted Schola Cantorum, High School Schola, and Pueri Cantorum of St. John XXIII Parish
  • Directed chant scholas for all Propers
  • Televised nationally on EWTN, streamed online worldwide: over 47,000 views; 1,700 comments; 500 shares


Featured Performer – Franciscan University of Steubenville

  • Evangelist/Narrator (solo tenor) for the “St. Mark Passion” by Charles Wood
  • Style of English recitative
  • Performed with the Schola Cantorum Franciscana; Nicholas J. Will, director


CD Album recorded – “Resurrexit Sicut Dixit”

  • Directed and produced album in collaboration with Treelady Studios
  • Rehearsed and conducted the Schola Cantorum of St. John XXIII Parish
  • Recorded 20 tracks of polyphony and Gregorian Chant
  • Performed on 6 tracks
  • Album available physically and digitally online; over 300 units and 2,500 digital streams sold


Original work commissioned and performed – Norwin High School

  • “The Arrow and the Song” for SAA and Piano – *Guest conductor  –  2015


CD Album recorded – “Christum Natum Adoremus”

  • Rehearsed and conducted the Schola Cantorum of St. John XXIII Parish
  • Recorded 14 tracks of polyphony and Gregorian Chant
  • Performed on 6 tracks
  • Album available physically and digitally online; over 300 units and 500 digital streams sold


Guest Conductor and Music Director – Saint Paul Cathedral – Pittsburgh, PA


Original work recorded – Pittsburgh, PA

  • Composed 3 musical themes for piano in honor of the New York Times Best-Selling book “Outlaw Platoon
  • Performed on all tracks for recording


Original works commissioned and performed – Canon-McMillan High School

  • “To Sleep” for TBB and Piano – *Guest conductor  –  2012
  • “A White Wave” for SATB and Piano – *Guest conductor  –  2009



Current Projects

  • Grandpa and Shorty – military drama – short film
  • Fish Out of Sky – adventure – animated film
  • Stabat Mater – sacred motet for female choir and strings


References and Repertoire Available Upon Request





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